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Thomas Voight's 937

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Finally some pictures of my red 937. You can click the thumbnails to get the original hires pictures. The pictures are in 1280x960 resolution taken with a Nikon Coolpix 900. They are still raw - without any color correction.
As you can see, the red 937 is at its winterplace under a dustcover. It is stored in a warm garage beside my black 951. That is a original Cup car which I raced this year in the GTP Trophy.
Dsc00002_small.jpg (18112 Byte) Under the cover you can see my 937. I restored a many parts. The color is "Indisch-Rot". The car was ordered by the original owner in a very sportive configuration. No targa roof, no power windows, no air cndt.

That's the way I like my cars ;-)

Here's your part. It's a complete 1:1 replacement for the original 931 connection part.
Dsc00004_small.jpg (29972 Byte) You can build it into any 931 without modification.
But the 937 uses the DZM(digital ignition), which needs some additional sensors. Therefore you'll need a 81 or 82 931 for a conversion. Dsc00005_small.jpg (37706 Byte)
Dsc00006_small.jpg (35709 Byte) The DZM is located inside the car right to the gas pedal.
The air for the cooler is pressed through the front hood.


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