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Martini Edition

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Michael J Brown shares pictures of his Martini. The Martini was a cosmetic version celebrating Porsche racing triumphs as indicated on the console plaque.


Porsche’s first limited edition 924 was the Martini Rossi, factory order number M426. The cars were built from December 1976 till March 1977. It started selling in the spring of 1977.

The car is distinguished by:
red/white/blue Martini Rossi stripes along the sides
Front and rear sway bars
Leather covered steering wheel
White painted alloy rims
Scarlet red carpet with matching fabric inlays on black vinyl seats along with
Martini Rossi stripes on the headrest

The E19 option which signified the car as a Martini Rossi included:

White rims
Scarlet pile carpet
426 Special Model World Champ
404 Front and rear sway bars
432 Lateral stripes Martini
565 Leather steering wheel
568 Tinted windows and heated rear glass

Of all the 4 speed Audi gearbox 924’s this is the one to have!!

Console plaque celebrating the victories of 69, 70, 71, and 76 Martini Rossi 935 and 936 racing cars:

martinirossi.jpg (152830 bytes)

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