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The Audi 90 has a two piece front bumper. The outer portion of this bumper can be trimmed with a hacksaw to replace the heavy aluminum stock 924 unit. This outer bumper has a grille and two openings for fog lights. You can use the openings for fog lights, turn signal lights or cut a two inch circular hole behind the drivers side opening (through the front reinforcement) to create a fresh air inlet for the airbox. Clamp two inch flex hose from the neck of the airbox, through the rebar and into the fog light opening. The Audi 90 bumper lines up perfectly with the nose contour of the 924, plus after trimming weighs only 3 lbs. Both of my 924s have this treatment. It reduces weight, front overhang and looks absolutely fantastic-better than the factory turbo nose on 944's. It looks totally legal as well. You must remove the entire 924 front bumper assembly (impact shocks too) so this setup will not protect your car in case of a front end collision (so watch where you're going) Drill 3 sheet metal screws through the bottom of the front panel, between the headlights , to mount the new unit. Connect the signal wires to the round running lamps on the front fenders and your 924 has a new nose and fresh air induction.

As for the wheels, the bolt pattern and offset are Ford, but the 924's offset is different so I had to use spacers. As for the front valance, I did not have to alter the 924 spoiler to fit the Audi bumper. The Audi bumper is actually thinner than the stock 924 unit so you could fit a larger spoiler. Go to a wrecking yard or body shop to find the Audi 90 outer bumper and try this conversion. Its so easy and cleans up the 924 nose.


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Convertible 924

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From: body shop rob
Email: jenelle@peoplepc.com
Date: 30 Mar 2000
Time: 03:39:57


One of my 924 projects has been a 1977 924 convertible. I bought the base car from a buddy who needed cash (divorce) and since I already had one as a driver/weekend racer I thought I'd have some fun. I welded cross members at the B and C pillars for stiffness and then proceeded to cut the roof at the sunroof leading edge, the small B pillar which holds the stationary side glass and finally the C pillar, following the contour of the stationary glass as it swept upward. Using the rear hatch frame as a template for a rear "trunk lid" some steel plate was cut and contoured for that purpose. The bracing at the C pillar was used as the hinging point for the lid. After welding some sheet metal to fill the post and roof holes I painted the car and drove it for two years. I never bothered to fabricate a hardtop or have a soft top made cause I only drove it on sunny days and covered it the rest of the time. It was sideswiped by a drunk driver last year, totaling the car. I enjoyed the car so much I plan to make another one when the right car falls into my lap. I have photos of my first convertible project which I will post on the registry soon. Friends let me tell you, the 924 makes a beautiful roadster. The proportions are just right.


body shop rob


Re: convertible 924

From: Vaughan
Email: vscott39@hotmail.com
Date: 04 Apr 2000
Time: 11:41:28


From what I've heard, ASC (American Sunroof Conversions) did the 944 convertibles. Most likely they still have the fabric patterns on hand to make replacement tops. This would mean contacting them would be potential a good starting point for such a conversion. Also, there _was_ a guy on the list offering conversions specifically to 924's a couple of years ago... Larry Brent...