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Up 937 Brochure 937 Intercoolers

924 Carrera GT/GTR
Intercooler Details

Bobby Dodd has been kind enough to submit all these detailed photos of the Carrera GT intercooler. Take a good look at these, then take a moment to consider that there are actually a lot of differences between the regular 931 and the 937! Also don't forget that the GTS and GTR intercoolers are even larger!!!

I've now got pics of the GTR intercooler now from Scotty Nyikes - click to jump past the GT intercooler to see the GTR pics

924 Carrera GTR Intercooler

Here's the endtanks of the GTR intercooler - the core is separate and bolts between the endtanks. The inlet is on the bottom when installed (the left endtank in the first picture), with the hose connection facing to the left of the car. The outlet is then on top, heading straight back from the center of the endtank (the left endtank in the bottom picture) to the intake.


Here's the core, with a cig pack for size reference - pretty big!

Up 937 Brochure 937 Intercoolers