Speedometer Service/Odometer Repair

This page will describe how to fix the typical odometer failure, as well as how to open up the speedometer for service. For now, it's just a series of pictures - instructions to follow.

The black bezel is pried off with a very small screwdriver and/or knife blade. speedo1.jpg (339505 bytes)
More of the same speedo2.jpg (343136 bytes)
speedo3.jpg (338242 bytes)
Now it has been lifted off (carefully), and the plastic lens comes loose as well. speedo4.jpg (342749 bytes)
The speedo without lens. speedo5.jpg (330064 bytes)
The two screws in the back of the speedo are removed. speedo6.jpg (332949 bytes)
Then the speedo guts come right out speedo7.jpg (340355 bytes)
Most of the inner workings, such as we need, can be gotten to at this point, at least to fix the odometer. speedo8.jpg (341252 bytes)
The small black gear is the one that either cracks or gets pushed out of the way. Superglue can hold it in place successfully, sometimes. speedo9.jpg (346222 bytes)
Another view of the gear speedo10.jpg (339651 bytes)
Carefully pry off the needle, remove these two screws, and the odometer is available for service. speedo11.jpg (336484 bytes)
The odometer face speedo12.jpg (335267 bytes)