924 Garage " ... the best handling Porsche in stock form.", J Pasha, Excellence


924 Bolt-on Bonanza: Richard Holderner, European Car, May 1996, Page . Air filter, exhaust, valve timing changes, big throat throttle body all fail to increase power. Ignition timing advance yields a few hp. Results using dyno. Head is power restriction.

924 Bolt-on Bonanza: Richard Holdener, European Car, July 1996, page 43. Cylinder head is major power limitation. Installation of Eurorace 'big valve' head, cam and extrude honing gained 15 hp dyno at rear wheels with stock exhaust and 21 hp with 2 ¼ inch exhaust. Replacing CIS with Weber carburetors apparent increase of power but not dyno confirmed. Interesting table of airflow through head comparing stock and modified.

924 Turbo: Jim Pasha, Excellence, October 1997, page 132, Tech Forum. Good description and discussion of design, maintenance, rebuild recommendations.

924 Engine & Transmission Hints: Jim Pasha, Excellence, April 1988, page 66. Nice discussion of engine differences and preparation hints. For transmission see instead October 1994 Excellence.

924D,The Do-It-Yourself Porsche: Jerry McDermott, Excellence, August 1990, page 96. General article.

Bearings, Rear Axle: Jim Pasha, Excellence, May 1995, page 108. 924 Valve Adjustment, 924/944 Rear Axle Bearings and Torquing Engine Parts. Good supplement, worth reviewing.

Big Valve Heads: Eurorace, Redondo Beach CA. See Eurorace advertisements as late as July 1993 European Car for short description. Price as listed in ad was $1299 exchange.

Brake cylinder, rear (drums) rebuild kit: Apparently a discontinued item not stocked anywhere. Tweeks had 6 kits on the shelf as of 12-18-97. New cylinders complete still available. Apparently NOT an exact Super Beetle part.

Brakes for 924/944/928 Porsches: Jim Pasha, Excellence, November 1994, page 107. . System descriptions, differences, retrofitting, upgrading. Table of application to various models.

924 Brakes, Struts and More: Jim Pasha, Excellence, November 1995, page 107. . Description and adjustment of brakes, parking brakes, struts, strut bearings. Also headlight wiring, fuel vent system.

Camshaft: Web-Cam, Riverside CA, 909-369-5144. Quoted $130 stock and $410 performance, both on your core.

Camshaft: Tweeks, .$325

Carb Kits, Performance: NOPI, Atlanta GA. See advertisements (1997) in Excellence. Dual Side draft Manifold & Linkage Kit $291 carburetors sold separately. Side draft Carburetors $233.

Carb Kits: Eurorace, Redondo Beach CA. See Eurorace advertisements as late as July 1993 European Car. Listed Porsche 924 progressive kit for $349.

Cooling System: Jim Pasha, Excellence, February 1997, Num. 67, page 125, Tech Forum. How to bleed, coolants, thermostats.

Cooling Fan Relay. Jim Pasha, Excellence, August 1997, page 131. Tech Forum Questions and Answers. Explanation of operation of single and double fan with relay part numbers for each.

CV joints: Jim Pasha, Excellence, May 1997, page 124. Tech Forum. Procedure and hints to remove and replace.

CV joints. 87 and earlier use Vanagon, $110 complete with bolts, washers, grease, clamps, boot and CV.

Drivetrain Components: Jim Pasha, Excellence, October 1994, page 109. Driveshaft, gearbox and half-shafts. Must read. Table of transaxle applications and basic specifications.

Engine and Cylinder Head Special Performance rebuild kits: Engine Builders Supply, Reno NV. Http://platz.com/ebsracing/ebsco.html

Engine swap: 944 into 931. Victor Max, European Car, May 1993, page 75. 'Swap Fever'. General description of project; 944 engine into 1980 931. Enough technical detail to plan and anticipate.

Exhaust Headers: Bursch. Various advertisers, typically $159.

Front Crossmember Attachment Repair: Michael Hoye, Porsche Panorama, March 1988, page 42. A loose crossmember in the 924 front suspension can be successfully repaired. Crossmember movement wore attachment studs beyond limits. Repair technique using bolts. Possibly caused by excess oil from turbo spraying onto joint.

Porsche 294, The: Jerry McDermott, Excellence, November/December 1987, page 39. Historical description. Short descriptions of special editions. No technical content.

Project 924 Part 1: Introducing Project 924. Victor Max, European Car, September 1992, page 100. Discussion and analysis of buying old cheap used cars. Enlightening but not essential.

Project 924 Part 2: Buying a 924. Victor Max, European Car, October 1992, page 64. How to avoid buying someone else's problem. Interesting discussion, rational, and analysis of purchase. Good reading but not essential.

Project 924 Part 4: Rear Brake Shoe Replacement. Victor Max, European Car, December 1992, Page 42. Good pictures and supplement to Haynes for factory manual especially if you have not done drum brakes before. Otherwise not essential.

Project 924 Part 5: Alternator Bushing Replacement. Victor Max, European Car, January 1993, page 32. Installation of 'trick' nylon plastic bushings from Stuttgart Automotive in place of the short-lived rubber bushings. Stuttgart Automotive, West LA, (310)473-4529.

Project 924 Part 6: Valve Adjustment. Victor Max, European Car, February 1993, page 48. Good supplement and pictures. Worth having around.

Project 924 Part 7: Improving Hot-Start Performance. Victor Max, European Car, March 1993, page 68. Replacing fuel accumulators, check valves. Specifically for early (76-78) but procedures apply to all models. Good pictures and procedure.

Project 924 Part 8: Cooling System Service. Victor Max, European Car, April 1993, page 62. Excellent pictures and procedures.

Project 924 Part 9: Exhaust. Victor Max, European Car, May 1993, page 70. Borla's stainless steel replacement costs less, lasts longer. Good pictures and clear description. Not required reading. (Wonder if it is still available? 924S/944 exhaust can be fitted with some adaptation).

Project 924 Part 10: Stronger Head Studs. Victor Max, European Car, June 1993, page 104. Procedure to replace factory head bolts with Race-Tech Engineering studs. RACEWARE1@aol.com

Project 924, Part 11: Cam Belt Replacement. Victor Max, European Car July 1993, vol. 24 Num. 7, page 92. Excellent and detailed supplement or replacement for Haynes procedure. Good pictures. Shows old and new style idler pulley and tool.

Project 924 Part 12: First-Year Anniversary. Victor Max, European Car, August 1993, page 34. General discussion of economics of car ownership and improvements in oil consumption and fuel mileage for project car. Skip it.

Project 924 Part 13: Cooling System. Victor Max, European Car, September 1993, page 74. Good supplement and pictures. Clearest picture available showing location of thermo fan switch and why a special thin 30mm wrench is required. Addresses problems with electrical grounding and solutions with pictures.

Project 924 Part 16: Brake System Improvements. Victor Max, European Car, December 1993, page 34. Detailed procedure and pictures of bleeding, adjusting and replacing lines.

Seats: Jim Pasha, Excellence, May 1997, page 122. Tech Forum, A little about seats.

Shock absorbers: Jim Pasha, Excellence, November 1995, page 111. Update. Use of late model 944 rear shocks on early series cars. Use of M030 on pre-85 ½ series cars.

Sport & Race Cams: Eurorace, Redondo Beach CA. See Eurorace advertisements as late as July 1993 European Car. Three grinds, $249 exchange. All use stock unit ground to smaller base circle.

Suspension, General Preparation: Jim Pasha, Excellence, May 1994, page 101. Notes and Guidelines. Must read. Includes table of components for various years.

Suspension: Richard Holdener, European Car, April 1996, page 106. Tech Procedure: Porsche, Updating the 924 Suspension. Automotion's 924 suspension rejuvenates an aging sports car. Refit of suspension components and Ronal Type II 16x7.5 wheels with 205-55 front and 225-50 rear, makes dramatic improvement in handling. Good pictures of components and installation.

Suspension, 924 Preparation: Jim Pasha, Excellence, November/December 1987, page 65. See same article expanded in Excellence, May 1994. Short list of Porsche part numbers for various size sway bars and M471 front springs and torsion bars.

Tip: programmable intermittent wipers. David Jalali, der Vorgänger, October 1997, Potomac Region of PCA. Use VW part #357-955-531, $30, 1994 and up. Programmable 2-30 seconds. To activate simply turn on for one cycle, then off. This starts the time interval, then back off. Time interval is now set.

Tools, checklist for the track: Jim Pasha, Excellence, February 1997,num 67, page 128.

Valve Adjustment: Jim Pasha, Excellence, May 1995, page 107. 924 Valve Adjustment, 924/944 Rear Axle Bearings and Torquing Engine Parts. Good supplement, worth reviewing.

Wheels: Jim Pasha, Excellence, November 1996, page 124. Tech Forum. Discussion of fitment of wheels of various sized and offset for 924, 924T and 924S.

Workshop Manuals: Lowest advertised price, My Porsche, http://www.my-porsche.com , Seaside CA. $187.01.

In the January issue of 911& Porsche World: 924 Carrera GT & GTS. Best I've seen on these two fascinating versions of the 924

Check out the April Excellence Tech Forum for Jim Pasha's latest article: 924 Dash Replacement, page 129.

Heavy Breather, VW and Porsche, Vol 19, No. 6, December 1988, pg. 44. Detail of the port and valves used in the Eurorace big valve head.

Fogtown Rocket, VW and Porsche, Vol 19, No. 6, December 1988, pg. 42. Discusses a normally aspirated 924 which was turbocharged.